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Three BIG things

that stop most actors from advancing in their careers:








Becoming a good actor is hard work.  After decades of going to acting classes, hundreds of auditions, and workshops I've learned a lot about acting.  For film and stage actors who are trying to become great I've put together a manual with the secrets and strategies that helped me move toward my dream of acting in film.  I've been in several feature motion pictures, many television shows, national commercials as well as dinner theater.  I've worked with big name stars like Scarlett Johansson, John Travolta, Jessica Chastain, Sam Worthington, Jeffery Morgan, Ava Gardner, Michael Keaton, just to name a few.   Just beginning your journey into acting?  Welcome aboard.  I'm not knocking good acting classes but they can cost a fortune both in dough and time.  Now you can skip ahead by using this workbook to  help you bring your dream into reality easier and faster.   Don't let yourself be an unprepared patsy for family, friends and others who laugh and scoff when you say you want to be in the movies or on television.  Prepare your craft, your art, your talent for becoming the celebrity you know you can be.  Make all those negative folks sit down in a pool of green jealousy when they see you  shine in a movie or stage play.    Order your copy of the Actors Personal Home Development Workbook now.  

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